Who’s Behind the Trial Lawyers Think-Tank?

There is a Philadelphia think-tank that does research on class action lawsuits–and, no fooling, its trustees and funders are plaintiffs’ attorneys. The most prominent are Bill Lerach and his former firm, Milberg Weiss, which have been fantastically successful in filing cases against corporations and their executives. They’ve also been indicted for kick-backs and racketeering related to their successes. Prosecutors say the firm “paid $11 million in kick-backs to plaintiffs they recruited  to bring more than 150 lawsuits that netted the firm at least $200 million, ” according to Examiner editor Mark Tapscott.

Tapscott’s expose in today’s Examiner focuses on the Institute for Law and Economic Policy, a think-tank that held conferences for plaintiffs’ lawyers at posh resorts. It had Lerach for its director and offices in the same building as Milberg Weiss.

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