Who Stumped the Experts at the InfluenceWatch Podcast AMA Panel?

This is Capital Research Center’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) Panel at CPAC 2018, where you get to ask that burning question about the Left in politics… and try to stump our experts.

Using CRC’s growing database on activists, labor unions, nonprofits, and more at InfluenceWatch.org, CRC’s team of experts on the InfluenceWatch Podcast reveal the networks of money and influence affecting American politics.

Join us in this special Ask Me Anything panel, hosted by CRC president Scott Walter, InfluenceWatch.org managing editor Michael Watson, senior vice president Matthew Vadum, and vice president and chief investigative officer Dr. Steven J. Allen at CPAC 2018. Here are a few of the questions participants asked:

  • What’s the status of releasing former IRS officer Lois Lerner’s “closed-door” testimony?
  • Who are the big left-wing funders like Tom Steyer that we need to know about in the 2018 election?
  • Is it possible to trace money that goes to the radical group Antifa?
  • Who is David Brock, and his shadowy network of far-left organizations known as the “Brocktopus?”

Listen to the full panel here.

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