Weekly Top 5: Five Ways Environmental Extremism Is Mucking Things Up This Week

State Environmental Watch, a new project of the Capital Research Center, is proud to present the first edition of “Weekly Top 5: Five Ways Environmental Extremism Is Mucking Things Up This Week.” Each week, we will pick five interesting, funny, or infuriating articles that highlight some of the ways that environmental extremism is screwing things up for the rest of us. Be sure to check back every Monday to read the newest “Weekly Top 5.” Also, please check out State Environmental Watch’s website to browse through the previous weeks.

  1. Ignoring the increased cost of energy and the increasing number of people who can’t afford their utility bills, global warming alarmists in California want to tack a monthly fee on electric bills to help fund climate change research. It is just another great example of environmentalists’ disregard for the economic struggles of today’s American families.
  2. What is the greatest new threat to our environment? OREO cookies and Cheez-It crackers!
  3. And, what is the second greatest threat? Cafeteria trays!
  4. Here is some bad news if you live on the Maryland coast. According to the Maryland Commission on Climate Change, you may soon live underwater. This prediction is brought to you, in part, by the Center for Climate Strategies, an organization whose radical mission was the subject of a Capital Research Center report. If you live in Maryland, you should be worried about drowning – in a sea of global warming alarmism.
  5. Finally, going “green” will cure hangovers. Apparently organic booze is so mild in its next-day aftereffect that you’ll clearly remember what a fool you made of yourself the night before.
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