Tolerant Liberals Strike Again

Don’t you just love liberal tolerance?  I know I do.  in fact, I make  a habit of collecting heart-warming stories of liberals practicing the acceptance and tolerance which they cherish and for which they are widely renowned.  The latest example comes to us the British green group the 10:10 Campaign, who produced a short video titled “No Pressure” designed to “encourage” people to cut their carbon emissions.  The Wall Street Journal provides the play by play:

The video opens with a young teacher lecturing a classroom of children who look to be about the age of the Birmingham bombing victims. “Right, kids, just before you go, there’s a brilliant idea in the air that I’d like to run by you,” she says. “Now, it’s called 10:10. The idea is, everyone starts cutting their carbon emissions by 10%, thus keeping the planet safe for everyone, eventually. Now, this hasn’t got to be a huge thing, but I would love it if you and your families would think about doing something.”

“What sort of thing, miss?” asks a male student.

“Well, like getting your dad to insulate the loft, or taking your next holiday by train instead of flying, or buying energy-saving light bulbs.”

“We’re thinking of using our car less,” says a female student. “I’m going to cycle to school.”

“That’s fantastic, Jemima,” says the teacher. “Now, no pressure at all, but it would be great to get a sense of how many of you might do this–just a rough percentage.”

Almost all the kids in the school raise their hand. “That’s fantastic!” says the teacher. “And those not?”

A surly-looking girl, arms crossed defensively, shrugs her shoulders. A boy does the same. “Phillip and Tracy,” says the teacher. “That’s fine, that’s absolutely fine. Your own choice.”

The bell rings. “OK, class,” the teacher says. “Thank you so much for today, and I will see you all tomorrow.” We see a close-up of Phillip, as the teacher continues: “Just before you all go, I just need to press”–she moves some papers on her desk to reveal–“this little button here.”

She presses it. Phillip and Tracy blow up. The other children scream as blood and viscera fly across the classroom. The teacher’s parting words: “Now everybody, please remember to read chapters 5 and 6 on volcanoes and glaciation. Excepting Phillip and Tracy, of course.”

In case you didn’t get the point, there follow similar scenes, involving adult victims, set in a workplace, on a soccer field and in a sound studio.

Violent fantasies portraying the gruesome “punishment’ of those who do not hold to left-wing scripture are, of course, not new.   The difference here, as Jame Taranto notes, is that,

The “crime” for which the children in the video are “executed” is one of omission, not commission. They are murdered not even for dissenting against 10:10’s political crusade, but merely for being indifferent to it. This is the essence of totalitarianism.


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