The Answer Could Be Nuclear Power

Hyperion Power Generation, a New Mexico based power company, claims that it has developed a mini-nuclear power generator.  It is roughly the size of a hot tub and can produce about 25 megawatts of electricty, which is enough to power 20,000 average sized homes or a major industrial park.  They will cost $25 million each and Hyperion says production can begin within 5 years.

The potential of a project like this one cannot be understated.  These mini-nuclear power generators come relatively cheaply considering that one can give remote and isolated communities access to a plentiful supply of cheap energy.  Considering one of the greatest challenges that developing countries face is cheap energy, this is a major innovation.  Water purification systems, reliable medical care, refrigeration, and basic industry are among the almost endless possibilities.

Hyperion promises that this nuclear power is safe and highly unlikely to be able to be converted to weapons grade nuclear material except by the most sophisticated of countries.  But those countries have the capabilities already, so the risk is negligible.

Finally, nuclear energy is clean.  Even environmentalists are starting to agree.  Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, agrees that nuclear power holds a lot of promise.  Unsuprisingly, nuclear power got a bad rap after major problems at Three Mile Island and the meltdown at Chernobyl.  Doomsayers ignore the fact that technology has come a long ways in 30 years and is considerably safer than any other viable form of energy.  That’s right, nuclear power is safe.

Safe, cheap, and accessible.  Go nuclear!

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