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Scott Walter Quoted by Milo Yiannopoulos: Save NPR by Defunding It

Conservative activist and author Milo Yiannopoulos highlights CRC president Scott Walter’s work on exposing the ideological bias in much of National Public Radio’s (NPR) reporting. Yiannopoulos writes,

[In his piece originally posted on Philanthropy Daily] Walter provided a quote by then-host of NPR’s “On the Media” Bob Garfield who said, “if you were to somehow poll the political orientation of everybody in the NPR news organization and at all of the member stations, you would find an overwhelmingly progressive, liberal crowd.”

NPR, a government-funded broadcasting corporation, receives taxpayer subsidies despite its overt left-leaning bias. As Walter’s work shows, however, the corporation could survive without government funding – and should not receive public money. Walter writes,

Some folks don’t like Rush [Limbaugh] and [Bill] O’Reilly, some don’t like NPR, but only the latter group is taxed every year and forced to send millions to a media outlet they can’t stand (via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a government-created, government-funded “nonprofit” entity)…

Scott Walter’s full report on NPR for Philanthropy Daily can be read here.