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MOVIE NOW LIVE: “America Under Siege: Antifa”

Antifa is the third episode in the America Under Siege film series from Dangerous Documentaries (a project of the Capital Research Center) and Cohesion Films. Each episode profiles the influence of radical Marxists on various segments of American society.

The communist movement known as Antifa (short for Anti-Fascist Action) has sparked violence across the nation. In the wake of their battling despicable white supremacist in Charlottesville, Antifa has begun to gain mainstream popularity. But unbeknownst to much of the public, the vast majority of Antifa violence isn’t targeted at genuine fascists, but mainstream conservatives and civilians. With help from those who have encountered Antifa, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, and Steve Deace, conservative author Trevor Loudon guides us through the history and ideas behind the Antifa movement, starting with Leon Trotsky and going all the way through the events in Berkeley, CA and Charlottesville, VA.

The film will also air on One America News Network, Tuesday, September 26th at 10:30pm ET / 7:30pm PT.

Originally set to premiere at Milo Yiannopoulos’s “Free Speech Week“, the screening of “Antifa” was canceled by U.C. Berkeley in part due to security concerns from Antifa itself.

Jake Klein, the film’s producer, issued the following statement:

“We are extremely disappointed by the cancellation of this screening and of ‘Free Speech Week’ as a whole. This is a major blow to the First Amendment, which we hope will be remedied in court. The fear of violence at this event, which was key to its cancellation, does not stem from anything we have done, nor from the actions of anyone else involved in organizing Free Speech Week. That fear is the fault of those who would use and have used violence to silence those with whom they disagree. Let’s be clear: Antifa shut down a film screening criticizing Antifa through fear.

The film was written by and stars conservative author Trevor Loudon, directed by Judd Saul, produced by Jake (Joseph) Klein and Victoria Loudon, and executive produced by Capital Research Center’s Scott Walter and Matthew Vadum. You can view previous episodes of America Under Siege at DangerousDocumentaries.com.

  • DatBus

    Wonderful film! Thank you all SO MUCH for telling the free world about these subversive anti-freedom operatives, who seem to always cloak their intentions in a false moral argument.

  • Scott Man

    In the first 5 minutes I found a major error. the Social Democratic Party did not engage street brawls in Wiemar Germany and had nothing to do with ANTIFA.

    • CharlesRAnderson

      So you are disclaiming the Social Democrats setting up the militant Reichsbanner groups to do battle in the streets with the militant National Socialist Workers’ Party groups?

    • NASCARDaddy

      Your statement is both a mixture of truth and fiction. The truth is that Antifa was not aligned with SPD during the days of Weimar Germany. Antifa was the paramilitary arm of the German Communist Party or KPD. However it is fiction that the SPD did not engage in street brawls. They had their own paramilitary called the Reichsbanner Schwartz Rot Gold which was quite actively involved in street violence as the principle centrist paramilitary in the Republic. The Reichsbanner also formed the core of the Iron Front which is known for having been quite violent and revolutionary.

  • CharlesRAnderson

    The Antifa movement is clearly committed to creating chaos. A movement full of people who claim to be both anarchists and Communists or other thoroughly socialist ideologies, cares nothing about the realities of life. To be an advocate of a government that will take all property from everyone and manage it in their stead, while at the same time claiming to be an anarchist, one has to wish to destroy all reasoned thought, all concepts, and any effort to live by consistent values. The Fascists and Antifa are equally committed to depriving individuals of the exercise of all of their rights to life, liberty, self-ownership of one’s own mind, body, and labor, property, and the pursuit of happiness. It makes little difference whether one admires Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, or Castro. Each and every one of them was a monster acting for incredibly evil goals.

  • free thinking

    So they protested the Iraq War and Capitalism but had no problem with Obama and Hillary destroying Syria and Libya for profit. They are the new Khmer Rouge on a much larger scale.

  • maddaddyssa

    With each passing generation of useful idiots socialism needs to be repackaged and marketed as something new and REVOLUTIONARY. A lot like those sleazy late night infomercials and “free lunch” seminars pushing the same old get rich quick scams as the latest sure fire system to achieving instant wealth and financial independence. Like flipping proerties with no $$$ down. Making a killing in stocks regardless of market conditions. Investing thousands in the latest snake oil while building a downline or some other mathematically impossible MLM/pyramid racket. They’ll tell you other systems failed because they were implemented wrong, but THEY have a PROVEN SYSTEM that works! (those 4 deadly words), THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT! And like the hippies and yippies before them, the current generation of millenials, for all their pseudo intellectualism fall for the same old bullshit like so many brainwashed little puppy dogs.

  • Wayne_B

    Antifa can easily be stopped by the police. If they arrested, photographed, fingerprinted, cited and released Antifas and then published the arrest records Antifa would melt away. They survive only in darkness.
    I’m sure the police know this. They have been ordered to not stop Antifa.