Liberals Are Messier: Study

Political Psychology, the journal of the International Society of Political Psychology, plans to publish a study claiming conservatives tend to keep their offices organized and tidy while liberals tend to favor clutter.

LiveScience reports that

Your office or bedroom holds telltale signs of whether you are a conservative or a liberal, finds a new study. While political conservatives tend to keep a tidy, organized office, political liberals favor colorful, more stylish but cluttered spaces.

A person may hide their political ideology from others, including from pollsters, but the researchers were delighted to learn that a peek into subjects’ living quarters or even workspaces could give that away.

Conservatives and liberals leave behind distinct “behavioral residue” that can be picked up by savvy scientists and possibly other observers, according to the study by New York University psychologist John Jost and his colleagues. The results are set for publication in a forthcoming issue of the journal Political Psychology.

Yeah, right.

The report continues

Conservatives showed higher scores for conscientiousness, which measures a person’s need for order, discipline, achievement striving and rule following.

“I think it’s a truly fascinating possibility that the left-right distinction, which emerged over 200 years ago in response to the French Revolution and continues to be the single best way of understanding ideological differences today, may be rooted in fundamental human needs for stability vs. change, order vs. complexity, familiarity vs. novelty, conformity vs. creativity, and loyalty vs. rebellion,” [NYU psychology professor John] Jost told LiveScience.

(The terms of left-right political leanings was originally based on the seating arrangement of those in the French parliament during the time of the French Revolution.)

He added, “It may be that conflicting tendencies in human nature play themselves out in the political sphere as the struggle between right and left.

Jost did another study in which he found that conservatives are happier than liberals because they are deluded, cold-hearted, suffering from a false consciousness, and don’t care about the poor.

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