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J. Christian Adams Uses InfluenceWatch to Expose Leftist Efforts to Transform the 2020 Elections

J. Christian Adams extensively cited InfluenceWatch in his article on PJ Media that exposes the massive leftist effort to transform the 2020 election, weaponizing the coronavirus crisis to change election systems and spending hundreds of millions of dollars to tilt the 2020 election.

In the selection below, links and references to InfluenceWatch are highlighted.

All manner of mischief is available when hundreds of millions of dollars are available.

But it isn’t just Soros and the Open Society Institute that have redirected their philanthropic focus on transforming the 2020 election process. It is names you don’t even know, even if you have heard of Tides and Open Society.

It’s the Funders Committee for Civic Participation and the Proteus Fund. It is the Democracy Fund, the same funding stream that fuels much of the Never Trump movement on the nominal right and their fellow travelers inside wonky Washington think tanks and law schools.

They are even plotting ways to take over cash-strapped local newsrooms to protect the flank of the election transformation march. In some instances, the plan is operational, and they are providing free reporters to newspapers and free content generated by busy leftist writer drones paid for by these philanthropic streams.

One of the new entities is the Democracy Funders Collaborative, a shadowy new outfit under the nominal control of Ilona Prucha of the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund and Adam Ambrogi of the Democracy Fund.

Oh, and that’s not all of them. I’m just getting started with the murderer’s row of leftist millions. Not to be confused with the Democracy Fund, there’s also the Democracy Alliance. The alliance has a very secret donor base and it is fully activated in the 2020 election process changes.

A “Litigation Collaborative” is now operational and attacking state election integrity laws in court. It is funded by the State Infrastructure Fund of Neo Philanthropy, the Ford Foundation, the Bauman Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, and the Carnegie Foundation. So many states are under attack in federal courts already, and the election has barely begun.

It is an orgy of dark money, progressive ideology, and court filing fees. Go to any of these places I name. Peruse their staff listing and biographies. They come in swarms, fully funded, and straight from progressive central casting.

Then there are various efforts by Arabella Advisors to use the federal slush fund to steer state election policies in a progressive direction. Using these hundreds of millions of dollars, the progressive left has set up storefront organizations that cosmetically seem to help election administrators run elections, but are ways to impose progressive policies in places where the people would reject them.

They have artists, designers, tech vendors, translators, security experts, computer geeks, all standing by to “help” state election officials run elections.

What a business model. Your federal tax dollars get them started and your state and local officials pay them as vendors and consultants.

If you are dizzy by now, realize you’d be even dizzier if every new progressive group tasked with influencing the 2020 election process was cataloged here. Influence Watch has that covered.

CRC and InfluenceWatch appreciate his vote of confidence.

Read Adams’s entire article “Weaponizing Coronavirus, Leftist Foundations Dedicate Millions to Transform 2020 Elections.”

Adams is a noted election lawyer and author of the New York Times bestselling book Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department. His website is

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