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Hayden Ludwig Talks “Dark Money”

CRC’s Hayden Ludwig recently appeared on Rebuild California to discuss “dark money” and how the Left has used the nonprofit sector for political gain.

The Left has gobs more “dark money” and is far more effective than the Right in weaponizing nonprofits to advance its policy objectives. “Dark money” is not a legal or financial term with a clear definition. It is a political term coined by professional left-wing political activists in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. FEC who oppose anonymous donations. If donors’ names are public, then they become vulnerable to doxing and other pressure tactics—clearly a restriction on free speech.

This segment starts with a CRC video and replays Ludwig’s interview on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins.

Ludwig’s interview with Mike Netter on Rebuild California begins at 19:05.

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Hayden Ludwig

Hayden Ludwig is the Director of Policy Research at Restoration of America. He was formerly Senior Investigative Researcher at Capital Research Center. Ludwig is a native of Orange County, California,…
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