Fascism and Michael Moore’s Dumb Ideas About Government Motors

Fascism, or more precisely, Mussolini-style corporatism, continues to advance in America with nary an objection.

The planned government takeover of General Motors, which filed for bankruptcy protection today, is just the latest part of the corporatist assault on American values. Even left-wing careerist Ralph Nader denounced the bankruptcy petition, calling it “an avoidable, crude weapon of mass devastation for workers, dealers, auto suppliers, small businesses and their depleted communities. For GM’s voiceless owners — the common shareholders — it is a wipeout. ”

The Obama administration is handing over a big chunk of GM to its political allies, the United Autoworkers of America, thus giving the workers ownership of the means of production, the textbook definition of socialism. Supposedly to protect the public interest, the rule of law was set aside as the repayment priority of bondholders was taken away in order to help Big Labor.

Of course, this is no way to run a company. Subjecting it to political control guarantees it will fail again and again and need more government bailouts in perpetuity.

GM will continue faltering, producing expensive politically correct environmentalist cars that will crumple like tissue paper in a crash and that nobody will want to buy.

It would be far better to simply allow GM to die rather than continue as the Fascist abomination it is in the process of becoming.

Meanwhile, left-wing nutter Michael Moore is bursting with dumb ideas about what to do next.

One is to “have bullet trains criss-crossing this country in the next five years.” He says they’re a success in Japan but leaves out the fact that Japan is tiny (374,744 square kilometers) compared to the U.S. ( 9,161,923 square kilometers) which is half the size of Russia, and that bullet train systems are prohibitively expensive.

Moore also wants the government to “[i]nitiate a program to put light rail mass transit lines in all our large and medium-sized cities. Build those trains in the GM factories. And hire local people everywhere to install and run this system.” Great. More white elephant mass transit that Americans hate and won’t use. Think of Amtrak multiplied say a hundred times.

Some of the other ideas to spout from Moore’s head include producing expensive “or all-electric cars (and batteries),” using empty GM factories to make “windmills, solar panels and other means of alternate forms of energy,” and imposing “a two-dollar tax on every gallon of gasoline.”

While the powers that be may not be listening to Moore specifically, they are definitely listening to special interests that support the same kinds of boondoggles he wants to force down Americans’ throats.

Matthew Vadum

The author of Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers (WND Books, 2011), Vadum, former senior vice president at CRC, writes and speaks widely…
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