Doom List – Listing the Worst Prophecies of Environmental Catastrophe, Part Five: “Timmm… ber”

At GreenWatch we now have archived an interactive list of the “worst environmental prophecies of catastrophic doom.” It is a list of eleven of the most interesting and pointed cases of environmental activists raising the red alert, and the unintended fall out from it.

Today we will look at  the theory behind the notion that we should ration toliet paper, and other paper products, as we are running out. Utter nonsense. 

In 1908, forester Gifford Pinchot issued a dire warning that American forest supplies would be depleted by the 1930’s.  Comparable predictions have since been made about the Amazon rainforest.  In the 1980s Nature Magazine reported that some analysts believed the rainforest would be destroyed by 1990.  In the 1990s, the World Wildlife Fund claimed the rainforest would be destroyed by 2000.  The latest doomsayer predictions are that it could take up to 300 years for the deforestation of the Amazon basin and other parts of the earth.  Neo-Pinchotians ignore research showing that forests can recover biomass density in 20 years and total growth recovery in 80-100 years.

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