CNN Trumpets Water Alarmism

CNN, that bastion of balanced journalism, is advertising running a story for a new movie entitled “FLOW.”  The premise of the movie is simple: The world is running out of water and big corporations and Global Warming are to blame.  The film’s directors back up their claims with support from reputable scientists, like Robert Redford (yeah, that one):

Water is the sleeping giant issue of the 21st Century and we all need to wake up about it.  FLOW opens our eyes about the greatest threat  of our time – the global water crisis.

Hasn’t Robert Redford always been battling Global Warming as the greatest threat of our time?  What’s with the flip-flopping?

When asked about the film for CNN’s “interview,” Maude Barlow, author of “Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water,” noted that the link between the impending water crisis and global warming is intricately connected.  Says Barlow,

Global warming warms up massive bodies of water, which evaporate more quickly than they should. Warming is melting all the glaciers in the world. So there’s no question that greenhouse gas-induced climate change is impacting water.

Ms. Barlow fails to explain in any further detail what happens to the water once it evaporates, but for her position to be tenable, she must think it simply disappears.  The other obvious problem with Ms. Barlow’s position is that if, in fact, global warming is leading to the faster evaporation of glacier water (which is fresh water) and large bodies of water (of which only fresh water evaporates), it is difficult to see how we would be running out of water.  Shouldn’t we have more water if we increase the world’s pool of fresh water?  I’m sure all of these questions are answered by Robert Redford and his team of scientists.

This is another excellent example of CNN and most of the rest of the media world jumping on the alarmism bandwagon.  Will they ever stop their baseless fear mongering?  Not as long as the enviros are forcing their agenda down the rest of our throats. In the meantime, just watch the trailer for the movie.  And don’t forget to be very afraid of our impending doom.

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