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Capital Research Center 2001 Donors Guide to Philanthropy Advisory Services: A Mandate for Charity Project

When most of us think of nonprofit charitable groups we naturally think of traditional charity groups like the Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, Toys for Tots, and Boys’ Town come to mind. Nonprofits also include churches, colleges and civic groups. Yet most Americans are unaware that the role of nonprofit groups is undergoing enormous change. Under current law the definition of “nonprofit” admits groups whose activities are far more political than charitable. Capital Research Center’s monthly newsletters provide ongoing monitoring of nonprofit advocacy groups. Capital Research Center 2001 Donors’ Guide to Philanthropy Advisory Services caps this effort by providing individual profiles of over 100 of the most influential nonprofit public policy and advocacy organizations in the United States. It also complements our annual directory, Patterns of Corporate Philanthropy, which documents corporate giving to advocacy groups. No directory of this type can be comprehensive, but the Guide aims to supply readers with essential information about each listed organization. We have tried to summarize information contained in each organization’s published materials and world wide web sites, and to extract data from tax forms and press accounts. These provide a qualitative and quantitative overview of each group, including revenues, staff size, and significant grants received. We hope the Capital Research Center Guide will give readers a better understanding of this aspect of America’s nonprofit sector.

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