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Capital Research, April 2024

A special issue on nonprofit journalism

CRC is pleased to announce that the April 2024 issue of Capital Research is now available online. This is a special issue on nonprofit journalism, a precursor of a forthcoming longer report.

Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

  • Scott Walter introduces the special issue with an overview the changing landscape of journalism.
  • Michael Watson examines the Left’s nonprofit journalism empire and a half-billion-dollar initiative by liberal foundations to “revitalize” liberal-leaning local outlets.
  • Guest author Matt Palumbo fact-checks the fact checkers.
  • Ken Braun debunks Newsguard’s “nutrition label” ratings of news outlets.
  • Guest author Tim Daughtry observes the battle lines after the Left’s “long march through the cultural institutions” of America.
  • Ken Braun finds some hope for the future in the growing opportunities for journalism on the right.

Download your digital copy here.