Brock Spinoff Spins into Existence

David Brock’s Progressive Media USA (PMUSA), which vows to spend $40 million attacking John McCain in coming months, has just launched its website.

It isn’t quite a carbon copy of Brock’s Media Matters for America site, which hunts down an elusive creature in the media jungle known as “conservative misinformation,” but it seems to have been modeled on it.

Here is an excerpt from the site’s welcome message date-stamped yesterday:

Welcome to Progressive Media USA, your home for pushback against the right-wing media machine!

For too long, right-wing messages have gotten a free ride in America’s media landscape. The press consistently fails to ask hard questions about failing conservative policies and leaders, often showing little regard for balance, fairness, accuracy, or truth. Progressive Media USA exists to combat this troubling trend.

Progressive Media USA is a new non-profit working to inform you about the risks of conservative policies and leaders by ensuring that progressive voices are heard in the public debate. We will work tirelessly to make sure you know the truth, fact-checking conservative policies and accusations, reporting and researching progressive ideas, and providing a platform for prominent progressive voices to be heard loudly and clearly.

Working with folks like you, we will ensure progressive ideas are heard throughout America.

Given that the left already has the bulk of the news media, Hollywood, and academia incessantly blasting the progressive message to all corners of the several states, it’s hard to imagine Brock turning up the volume any higher, but to each his own.

TPM Election Central reports that PMUSA has also launched a separate anti-McCain site called complete with news articles, op-eds, and custom-made videos. According to its “about” page:

The goal of is to make sure the public understands that the policies of John McCain are just like the policies George Bush – the same old commitment to endless war, trillions to Iraq, tax cuts for millionaires, no plan for universal health care and no plan for our economy.

Meanwhile, PMUSA scores a mention in today’s New York Times article on liberal and Democratic campaign finance efforts.

Matthew Vadum

The author of Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers (WND Books, 2011), Vadum, former senior vice president at CRC, writes and speaks widely…
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