Announcing Green Watch!

Why Green Watch ? Why now? Simple, really. The backbone of the environmental movement in the United States is comprised of dozens of national, state and local non-profit organizations. These organizations vary broadly in structure, specialty, and fervor but they have one thing in common: They exist to exert pressure on elected officials and public opinion to bring federal, state, and local legislation in line with the environmentalist agenda.

And they have been uniquely successful in doing so. Agitation from green groups in the last century succeeded in bringing innumerable laws and regulations onto the books. At times, the results have substantially improved our shared spaces. But other fruits of environmental activism have proven either problematic or outright disastrous. The environmentalists’ successful crusade against the use of DDT as an insect repellent, for example, based largely on dubious data linking the pesticide with cancer in humans, contributed to an estimated 50 million malaria deaths over a mere 25 years – deaths that were utterly and tragically preventable.

The point is: Green groups – and the environmental philosophy they push – can have tremendous, sometimes life and death consequences for the public at large. And thus the raison d’etre of Green Watch – to track the non-profit advocacy groups that comprise the front-line soldiers of the environmental movement; to shine a light on their motives, methods, and money – because somebody has to.

To that end, Green Watch will gather the finest writers and observers of the environmental movement, and bring to the public debate fresh data and insightful analysis of environmentalism and its consequences. We will be tough but fair, thorough but, we hope, never dull.

So welcome. And now, to the fray….

Matt Patterson, Editor

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