Green Blinders

Many environmental groups, like NRDC, are pushing hard for China to go “green.”  Apparently China is doing so… by “raping” Borneo’s forests.

Borneo is probably powerless to block an attempt by China to build “green” hydroelectric dams.  And, as the push to “green” China increases, as it seems likely to do, and more money is pumped into the cause, more things like this are going to happen.  China, or any other large country that is receiving intense pressure to go “green,” are going to take advantage of other, smaller nations.

Given that Borneo produces much of the world’s palm oil, it won’t be surprising to see Greenpeace get in on the action as part of its campaign to get the world to stop cooking with palm oil.  But which side would Greenpeace join?  On one hand, they want people to stop using palm oil in food production, which can be achieved by destroying the palm oil producing forests.  On the other hand, presumably they aim to stop the use of palm oil as a way to save the trees.  Talk about a rock and a hard place!

Admittedly, it is fun to watch one environmental group push an agenda, to the detriment of some other environmental group’s agenda.  This is what happens when someone is blinded by “green” and will stop at nothing to achieve what they set out to do.

Go ahead, NRDC.  Push to “green” China.  Wait until the protesters from Greenpeace chain themselves to your Priuses and bicycles for “raping” Borneo’s forests.  That’ll be entertaining.

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