Green Groups “Disappointed” by Obama Announcement

The Sierra Club and the National Audubon Society are “very disappointed.” The League of Conservation Voters says the President’s decision is “highly disappointing.” An official response by Natural Resources Defense Council president Frances Beinecke creatively manages to say nothing at all.

By contrast, Friends of the Earth sees nothing but sordid behavior. It refers to “President Obama’s Embrace of Dirty Off-Shore Oil Drilling” and urges him to “abandon his endorsement of this dirty practice.”

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  1. I believe all these tree huggers should
    start realizing the positive effects our country would reap from taking forward moving steps in drilling here now! Using our own natural resources is financially and economically a good step in the right direction in becoming an independent and self sufficient nation, not to mention the creation of jobs. Maybe they should take a look at all the products they have in they’re own homes that are all produced from oil, including the energy consumed that is necessary to create. Yep, all that plastic that encompasses your electronic’s, transportation, toys, etc. How about focusing on taking action against you elected administration that uses vasts amounts of fuel, like there’s not tomorrow, Pelosi??

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