ACORN Goes for Broke

I have a new piece in today’s American Spectator.

Here’s the top of the article:

As its financial resources dwindle, radical advocacy group and organized crime syndicate ACORN may have to file for bankruptcy protection before Christmas, ACORN insiders say.

“They may have to file for bankruptcy if they don’t have several big pending grants approved or get emergency loans,” a highly placed ACORN source told me over the weekend. This information bolsters Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-Calif.) claim last week that ACORN is in turmoil amidst internal power struggles and on the verge of bankruptcy.

Given that ACORN is a network of hundreds of affiliated nonprofits, it’s not exactly clear how a bankruptcy filing would work, but the idea is under serious consideration by ACORN’s leadership. It was discussed at length at the group’s most recent national board meeting, which took place in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., during the Oct. 14-15 weekend, ACORN sources told me.

But even if ACORN were to go bankrupt, that doesn’t mean it would disappear. […]

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  1. ACORN is a “radical advocacy group?” That’s a matter of opinion.

    ACORN is an “organized crime syndicate?” That’s an accusation that you damn well better have proof to back you up, because if you don’t, ACORN can sue YOU for slander and defamation.

  2. Skeeter… Acorn was founded by Gramcian Marxist Wade Rathke, a member of the SDS and disciple of Saul Alinski. It is a community organizing group that has as it’s objective the transformation of society in a Marxist model. It has purportedly engaged in criminal activity, hence it could certainly qualify, at least potentially, as an organized crime syndicate. But then, so could the Wall Street Bakers, Personal Injury Attorneys, and the Members of Congress and the last Four administrations in Washington. Also, even if Acorn sues for defamation, they would have to prove that what was said about them is false — it might be hard to do since there is a pattern of activity that points to widespread corruption within the organization itself.

    Personally, I would love to see it and all of the other “community organizing” groups close their doors and leave community organizing to the people in the local communities. We don’t need Marxists to help us with our social problems.

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