Anita MonCrief Countersues ACORN

ACORN whistle blower Anita MonCrief has filed a counter suit against ACORN which is already suing her in order to intimidate her into silence.

ACORN filed suit against MonCrief in June.

At her website, Michelle Malkin has a good summary of what MonCrief is doing and why she’s doing it. 

Malkin writes

The sworn testimony, research, and blogging by former ACORN/Project Vote development associate Anita MonCrief have provided an invaluable amount of fodder for reporters (before their editors “cut bait,” that is) and congressional investigators trying to get to the bottom of ACORN’s tax law-undermining, campaign finance disclosure-evading ways.

These are the documents MonCrief’s legal team filed:

Answer of Defendant

Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss

Defendant’s Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss

Counterclaim of Defendant

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