Michael Jackson Fans to Rep. Peter King: BEAT IT!

Fans of the late Michael Jackson wanna be startin’ somethin’.

They consider the critical remarks of Rep. Peter King (R-New York) about Jackson to be really, really bad.

King’s tongue became a razor, in their eyes, and the congressman has to answer right now.

An anonymous fan created an ad hoc group, Michael Jackson Fans AGAINST Peter King, at the liberal fundraising website, ActBlue.com, which describes itself as “the online clearinghouse for Democratic action.” Here’s the pitch from the site:

Congressman Peter King is at again, this time defaming the late Michael Jackson, calling MJ a “pervert’, ‘low-life”, and a “pedophile”. As Rick Sanchez noted on CNN, Michael Jackson was acquitted of the charges against him. Peter King ought to let Jackson rest in peace, and focus on the needs of his constituents. As we mourn the loss of an American legend, political grandstanding is not what we need right now!

It’s a black and white issue.

Here’s the clip from Congressman King:

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  1. He is the most kind, generous, sweet,pure, innocent,real person I have ever known. He was magic, but I think, he was missunderstood and that’s because for most of the people as he said, the good things doesn’t sell.

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