The Goldman Sachs-ACORN Connection

The connection between Goldman Sachs and ACORN is admittedly weak but we thought we’d report it anyway because it’s interesting.

The current CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, sits on the board of directors of the Robin Hood Foundation. As we reported, that foundation is funded by George Soros’s Soros Fund Charitable Foundation and has given money to ACORN.

The Robin Hood Foundation gave ACORN $821,000 consisting of a $456,000 grant in 2003 and a $365,000 grant in 2004. According to, Blankfein, unlike fellow board member Tom Brokaw, was in fact a Robin Hood board member in the years when the grants to ACORN were approved.

Both Blankfein and Brokaw were not members of the Robin Hood board when the Soros Fund Charitable Foundation gave the Robin Hood Foundation a $9,859,453 community development grant in 2000.

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