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This one’s called “Zuck’s Bucks.” It details the ugly story about how Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg tipped the scales in last year’s elections. With $350 million in donations from him and his wife, Zuckerberg funded left-wing organizations who offered “help” to local government offices conducting elections.

Those activities were supposedly “nonpartisan.” But in reality, they supercharged the Left’s voter turnout in key cities in the crucial swing states. Imagine the outrage if a conservative billionaire had tried this.

No one else tackled this story. And no one else stays on it.

Already, Capital Research Center’s continuing work on this topic has spurred encouraging election reform in Georgia and Arizona to stop private funders from influencing election officials in that way. Other states look set to follow suit.

This is just one powerful example of how Capital Research Center exposes the Left – and helps conservatives fight back.

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