Fox News video: Matthew Vadum discusses Clinton cash, Islamism, and gay politics


Hillary Clinton poses as a champion of gay rights yet her shady foundation has taken tens of millions of dollars from the governments of countries like Saudi Arabia and Brunei where homosexuals get the death penalty for the crime of being gay.

Will the left-wing gay rights groups like the Human Rights Campaign that support Hillary demand she give the money back? Even if they did, would the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation actually give the money back?

Don’t hold your breath.

To discuss this story, Capital Research Center senior vice president Matthew Vadum appeared in a news segment June 17 put together by Fox News Channel reporter William La Jeunesse. The video clip appears below.

In addition, Fox gave CRC credit in an on-screen graphic for research we conducted about donations to the Clinton Foundation.

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Sharpton Annual Conference Again Heavily Corporate-Funded

Carl Horowitz of the National Legal and Policy Center has an interesting article about all the  myopic major corporations that sponsored the recent convention of National Action Network.  The group is headed by the truly awful charlatan and race huckster Al Sharpton. It begins this way:

Whatever else might be said of Reverend Al Sharpton, when he throws a party, he does it in style. The 14th annual conference of his New York-based nonprofit National Action Network (NAN) last month in Washington, D.C. during April 11-14 was no exception. Once more, corporations and to a lesser extent unions paid most of the tab for a well-choreographed event that featured dozens of speakers and panelists eager to affirm the aggressive black identity politics of their host. The plenary address by Attorney General Eric Holder, followed by a panel on legal issues, amounted to a group manifesto for the arrest of George Zimmerman for the highly-publicized killing – evidence points toward self-defense – of a black Florida teen, Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman, to the delight of virtually all attendees, was arrested that day on a state second-degree murder charge.

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