Twitter censors another voice


Twitter doesn’t even pretend to treat its users fairly anymore.

Yesterday (October 5) Twitter suspended the account of “Ricky Vaughn,” the pseudonym of a popular Twitter user whose real identity is unknown. (Ricky Vaughn is the name of a rookie pitcher in Major League, a popular 1989 movie. Actor Charlie Sheen played Vaughn in the film.)

Ricky Vaughn is a prominent Donald Trump supporter identified with the alt-right phenomenon. He’s so big that MIT named him the 107th most influential Twitter account on the election.

His suspension became the #1 trending topic on Twitter this week, Heavy reports.

On Wednesday, #FreeRicky rose to the top of Twitter, with thousands of users complaining about what had happened to a man named Ricky Vaughn. That isn’t his real name, but his political Twitter account has in recent months become quite popular, particularly among Donald Trump supporters.

The ban once again sparked a conversation about the extent to wish Twitter should step in and ban its users, with some arguing that CEO Jack Dorsey is far too aggressive in censoring content he does not agree with, while others argue he isn’t nearly aggressive enough in protecting users, particularly women and minorities, from harassment.

It is unclear what prompted Twitter to ban Ricky Vaughn. Twitter isn’t talking.

Vaughn supported white nationalism and posted anti-Semitic content on his Twitter. A Twitter spokesman told The Daily Caller, “We don’t comment on individual accounts but you can review our Rules.”

Twitter’s rules state accounts can’t engage in violent threats, targeted harassment, or hateful content.

I’m not sure what “white nationalism” means in this context. He could be a racist or he could just be angry at President Obama’s race-baiting. The term “white nationalism” gets thrown around pretty loosely by some journalists. I really don’t know in this case. (Funny how leftists backing the murderous Black Lives Matter movement never seem to get booted off Twitter, isn’t it?)

But it doesn’t matter. Twitter shouldn’t be banning content based solely on ideology.

Earlier this year Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos, tech editor at Breitbart and a Trump super-supporter, who tweeted under the handle @Nero. Milo co-wrote the May 2016 Foundation Watch on the awful John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation which underwrites and encourages Twitter’s blacklisting and “shadowbanning” of accounts whose users espouse ideas the leftists at Twitter and the foundation disapprove of.

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California jailbirds get to vote starting next year


Just days ago California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed into law a measure that  effective next year reinstates the voting eligibility of felons on probation or under community supervision. Inmates in state and federal prisons are not covered by the new law.

Apparently “community supervision” means “incarcerated in a county jail.”

So criminals still serving their sentences will be allowed to vote in California. With the stroke of Brown’s pen, there could be up to 50,000 new voters in California.

Daniel Zingale, senior vice president of the California Endowment, a left-wing grant-maker, was thrilled. He spewed politically correct nonsense, as one might expect.

“California is stronger and healthier when more people participate in the electoral process,” he said. “Mass disenfranchisement for minor offenses is a tragic legacy of the Jim Crow era that disproportionately affects and diminishes the power of communities of color.”

Both the California State Sheriffs’ Association and the California Police Chiefs Association opposed the bill.

“We believe that there have to be consequences to your action, and the consequences of being a convicted felon are that you can’t vote and you can’t possess firearms,” said Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood, president of the sheriffs’ group.

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Report: Patient care is affected by doctors’ politics


The partisan inclinations of your medical doctor may affect the treatment you receive, according to a new study reported on in the Los Angeles Times.

The Yale University study examines how primary care physicians of various political views approach medical issues that touch on hot-button issues, such as abortion and gun control.

For instance, doctors were more likely to say that they would counsel a patient seeking an abortion to consider the mental health consequences of going through with the procedure if they were registered to vote as Republicans than as Democrats. Likewise, doctors registered as Democrats were more likely to urge patients who owned guns to keep them out of their homes, while doctors registered as Republicans were more likely to ask if the guns were stored safely.

“Just as a patient may seek out a physician of a certain gender to feel more comfortable, the evidence suggests that a patient may need to make the same calculation regarding political ideology,” political scientist Eitan Hersh and psychiatrist Matthew Goldenberg wrote Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The report is titled “Democratic and Republican physicians provide different care on politicized health issues.”

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Alien invasion in Virginia


There are at least 1,046 non-citizens on the voter rolls in eight Virginia counties, according to a new report from the Virginia Voters Alliance and the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

No proof of U.S. citizenship is required in Virginia to register to vote.

“Virginia election officials don’t seem to care that thousands of aliens have corrupted their voter rolls,” by unlawfully registering to vote, J. Christian Adams, the former Department of Justice lawyer who now heads the Public Interest Legal Foundation told Breitbart News.

“Even worse than doing nothing about it, they are trying to cover it up,” he said.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), a longtime ally of Hillary and Bill Clinton, instructed election officials throughout the commonwealth to ignore inquiries about possible electoral irregularities, Adams says. This summer after the Supreme Court of Virginia threw out McAuliffe’s blanket clemency order, the governor defiantly restored voting rights to 13,000 felons and vowed to take that figure to 200,000.

Just a few illegal votes can affect the outcome of an election. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) defeated Mark Obenshain (R) in 2013 by just 165 votes out of 2.2 million votes cast.

The thousand-odd non-citizens currently on the rolls, all identified by name in the report, may be the tip of the iceberg. The problem “is most certainly exponentially worse because we have no data regarding aliens on the registration rolls for the other 125 Virginia localities.”

“Even in this small sample, when the voting history of this small sample of alien registrants is examined, nearly 200 verified ballots were cast before they were removed from the rolls,” the report states. “Each one of them is likely a felony.”

The report is available here: Alien Invasion in Virginia (this link opens to an 11 MB, 143-page PDF)

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Students rat professors out for conservative views


In a scene reminiscent of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in Communist China, students of two professors who expressed conservative opinions at Grand Valley State University in Michigan reported their teachers to the school’s bias response team, The College Fix reports.

The College Fix learned of the incidents, which took place in the Fall 2015 semester, by way of a public records request.

Both academics are guilty of grievous politically incorrect heresies.

One professor said there are only two genders and objected to the use of made-up pronouns like Ze and Zir that have been pushed by cultural Marxists and the various species of kooks that feed off the public teat on the nation’s college campuses.

In the other incident, a professor said he believed children should be raised by a mother and father. After his students told on him, the chairman of that department had a “conversation with the faculty member about the incident.”

This is yet another argument for getting rid of the nation’s universities and starting over from scratch.


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Google embraces racist madness


Google has embraced a particularly kooky article of faith popular in Black Lives Matter circles and among legions of radical left-wing academics.

The search engine behemoth informs users that it is not possible for ethnic minorities to be racist against white people.

“The tech giant’s search results appear to foreground left-leaning answers to this highly controversial question, rather than giving a view which reflects the fact there is debate over this contentious issue,” according to the Sun.

Google abandoned it’s “don’t be evil” ethos a long time ago.

Nowadays it’s anything goes in the service of left-wing causes.

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Lefty PC nonprofit pays people to commit fraud


Call it online retail terrorism.

A charity called has launched what it calls a “1 star for hate” campaign that pays people to write fake reviews of Halloween costumes on Amazon, Heat Street reports.

The campaign “is giving out $1,500 scholarships for people who spam one-star, copy/pasted reviews on Amazon listings they believe are ‘culturally appropriated.’ The more one star reviews users submit, the greater chance they have of winning the scholarship cash.”

Last year DoSomething targeted a Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair costume it deemed transphobic, prompting people to write reviews like, “Wearing this costume on Halloween but enjoying cisgender privilege the other 364 days of the year is a pretty sh*tty thing to do. Stop selling this costume.”

A couple of retailers gave in to the pressure and stopped selling the costume.

DoSomething is attacking Native American, Saudi, and Mexican “Dia de los Muertos” costumes, encouraging people to mass-produce phony reviews for a new costume each week.

The idiocy never ends.

(graphic appropriated from

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Terrorist votes matter


The alleged perpetrator of the Sept. 23 Cascade Mall shooting spree in Burlington, Washington managed to vote three times even though he is not a U.S. citizen.

State records reportedly show that Arcan Cetin registered to vote in 2014 and participated in three election cycles, including the presidential primary in May of this year.

People in Washington vote by mail, which makes it relatively easy for people to commit voter fraud. Washington runs on the honor system. It does not require proof of U.S. citizenship to vote.

“We don’t have a provision in state law that allows us either county elections officials or the Secretary of State’s office to verify someone’s citizenship,” Secretary of State Kim Wyman said. “So, we’re in this place where we want to make sure we’re maintaining people’s confidence in the elections and the integrity of the process, but also that we’re giving this individual, like we would any voter, his due process.”

Wyman has it exactly wrong.

As Daniel Greenfield observes, “Actual due process would involve verifying the right to vote.”


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Deconstructing toxic masculinity


America’s universities are worse than useless.

Take infamous Duke University, for example.

Duke, the school that tried to frame its lacrosse team for gang rape, is offering classes in “constructive male allyship” in which male students are encouraged to “question and deconstruct toxic masculinities.”

The objective of the nine-week course is “unlearning violence,” the Telegraph reports.

“Our purpose is twofold: to foster constructive male allyship, and to question and deconstruct toxic masculinities,” says the school’s Men’s Project on its website.

“We also understand how masculinity in its normative form alienates most – if not all – men, and recognize the part normative masculinity plays in alienating men and reproducing violence.”

“We want to deconstruct toxic masculinities to reconstruct healthier, more inclusive notions of masculinity.”

The organizers say: “We want to explore, dissect, and construct an intersectional understanding of masculinity and maleness, as well as to create destabilized spaces for those with privilege.”

I could go on providing details about this taxpayer-funded nonsense but I think you get the idea.


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LGBT Democrats cry fowl on Chick-fil-A voter drive


Members of the Stonewall Democrats group of Pinellas County, Florida are upset about the decision made by county elections supervisor Deborah Clark (R) to hold voter registration drives at nine Chick-fil-A locations, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Stonewall Democrats are “LGBT Democratic groups across the US that work to elect pro-LGBT Democrats in federal, state, and local elections, serve as a bullhorn for LGBT governmental issues, and supply LGBT voters to ballot boxes.”

Chick-fil-A is the fried chicken chain whose leadership backs traditional marriage and various conservative causes. (It’s also closed on Sundays.)

Needless to say Stonewall Democrats don’t like Chick-fil-A and view its products as symbols of pure concentrated eeevil.

With the blessing of the radical left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, gay rights supporter Floyd Lee Corkins attacked the national headquarters of the conservative Family Research Council and shot a security guard in the process not too long ago. The SPLC identifies the FRC as a “hate group.”

Corkins said in court that he wanted to “kill as many as possible and smear the Chick-fil-A sandwiches in victims’ faces, and kill the guard.” The shooting took place after a Chick-fil-A executive made public his support for traditional marriage.

Susan McGrath, who heads the Pinellas Democratic Party, said placing the voter drives at Chick-fil-A would be akin to a Democratic supervisor of elections holding the same drives at a Planned Parenthood location.

She’s right in one sense.

Both Chick-fil-A and Planned Parenthood sell body parts.

Chick-fil-A sells fried chicken parts while Planned Parenthood sells body parts from dismembered human babies.

(photo credit: Paul Brennan /

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