Another first was achieved in the Obama administration yesterday but it is not a first the president is happy about.

Congress successfully overrode President Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, or JASTA, making the bill law without his signature. The veto was 12th of his presidency but the very first to be overridden.

The measure cleared the Senate on a vote of 97 to 1. The sole dissenter was Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) who leaves office in a few months. The House vote was 348 to 77.

“This is what we have been fighting for over a decade,’’ said Terry Strada, head of the 9/11 Families & Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism.

“In our polarized politics of today, this is pretty much close to a miraculous occurrence,” said Senate Majority Leader John Cornyn (R-Texas).

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) added, “We cannot in good conscience close the courthouse door to those families who have suffered unimaginable losses.”

The new statute allows lawsuits against the government of Saudi Arabia for its alleged involvement in 9/11 to move forward. The 9/11 commission failed to uncover evidence of Saudi government participation in the 9/11 attacks but survivors’ families and insurance companies reject that finding. Of the 19 hijackers who slammed jetliners into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and a field in western Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001 were Saudi citizens.

“The measure essentially creates an exception to sovereign immunity, the doctrine that holds one country can’t be sued in another country’s courts,” according to USA Today. “It allows plaintiffs to sue other nations in U.S. federal courts for monetary damages in cases of injury, death or property damage caused by acts of international terrorism in the United States.”

Unaccustomed to not getting his way with Congress, a petulant President Obama scolded lawmakers.

Obama said the veto override was a “mistake” and “basically a political vote.”

“If you’re perceived as voting against 9/11 families right before an election, not surprisingly, that’s a hard vote for people to take,” Obama said. “But it would have been the right thing to do.”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest condemned the override calling it “the single most embarrassing thing the United States Senate has done possibly since 1983.”

“Ultimately these senators are going to have to answer their own conscience and their constituents as they account for their actions today,” he said.

No one seems to have any idea what event in 1983 or later Earnest is talking about.

(graphic from: http://apgovernment2010.yolasite.com/ch12.php)

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Pepe the Frog is now a hate symbol?


Or so our politically correct betters have decreed.

The cartoon amphibian associated with the so-called alt-right and now found everywhere on the Internet should have lawyered up when he had the chance because he is no longer kosher according to the Anti-Defamation League.

The alt-right — which I first heard of only a few months ago even though I study political activism (pretty intensely at times) for a living — is officially very bad and everyone is required forthwith to disapprove of this aquatic reincarnation of Hitler.

(I previously wrote about my doubts about the bigness and badness of the alt-right.)

And what did this beloved pond dweller do to earn this newfound infamy?

Apparently the wrong people started using him.


People in the alt-right. In other words people who like GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. (The name sounds like Michigan J. Frog, doesn’t it?)

According to The Next Web:

Pepe the Frog started off as a fun, light-hearted reaction image. Today it’s recognized as a hate symbol comparable to the swastika. […]

After its inception on 4chan around 2008, Pepe had grown to be one of the most recognizable memes on the internet. Along with his trademark catchphrase ‘feels good man’, he would give commentary on whatever had been posted before.


But according to the (fairly awful) Daily Beast, Pepe made some bad new friends who made him do terrible things that irrevocably associated him with racism and in particular anti-Semitism.

Pepe didn’t need to be associated with Jew-hatred to be despised by the Left, which, for what it’s worth, is the real beating heart of anti-Semitism today.

The fact that Pepe likes the wall Trump wants to build on the southern border is more than sufficient to make him the Devil in liberal-progressive eyes.

The Anti-Defamation League, which pretty clearly has too much time on its hands, recently started listing Pepe in its database of hate symbols, alongside the confederate battle flag and the swastika.

Pepe displayers can take advantage of a loophole to avoid the eternal damnation of their immortal souls, the ADL says.

It’s called context.

However, because so many Pepe the Frog memes are not bigoted in nature, it is important to examine use of the meme only in context. The mere fact of posting a Pepe meme does not mean that someone is racist or white supremacist.


So big of them.

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Climate change fascism


Another reminder why you should not give money to universities.

If you don’t agree with the climate change cult, well, you’d better not study at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

The College Fix reports:

Three professors co-teaching an online course called “Medical Humanities in the Digital Age” at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs recently told their students via email that man-made climate change is not open for debate, and those who think otherwise have no place in their course.

“The point of departure for this course is based on the scientific premise that human induced climate change is valid and occurring. We will not, at any time, debate the science of climate change, nor will the ‘other side’ of the climate change debate be taught or discussed in this course,” states the email, a copy of which was provided to The College Fix by a student in the course.

Signed by the course’s professors Rebecca Laroche, Wendy Haggren and Eileen Skahill, it was sent after several students expressed concern for their success in the course after watching the first online lecture about the impacts of climate change.

“Opening up a debate that 98% of climate scientists unequivocally agree to be a non-debate would detract from the central concerns of environment and health addressed in this course,” the professors’ email continued.

“… If you believe this premise to be an issue for you, we respectfully ask that you do not take this course, as there are options within the Humanities program for face to face this semester and online next.”

The professors also note this ban on debate extends to discussion among students in the online forums. Moreover, students who choose to use outside sources for research during their time in the course may select only those that have been peer-reviewed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the email states. […]

(graphic source: http://en.paperblog.com/episode-162-climate-change-fascism-in-science-clothing-1243527/)

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Billionaires love Hillary Clinton, not so keen on actual billionaire Donald Trump


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has taken in $21.1 million for her campaign and its supporting political action committees from U.S. billionaires, more than 20 times the $1.02 million Republican Donald Trump has taken in from billionaires, Bloomberg News reports.

While the role the wealthiest play in American politics has come under increased scrutiny with growing attention to income inequality fueling the rise of populist candidates, contributions from U.S. billionaires on the Bloomberg index amount to 3 percent of the $708 million raised by the two candidates, as of the latest Federal Election Commission filings.

Hedge fund billionaire George Soros is the biggest spender among donors on the index, giving almost $11.9 million to Clinton’s cause. A Hungarian immigrant to the U.S., Soros is the 17th-richest person in the country with $24.7 billion, according to the index.

Among Clinton’s billionaire backers, the top five donors are:

George Soros                            $11.9 million
James Simons                          $7 million
Steven Spielberg                    $1.4 million
Alice Walton                              $356,000
Laurene Powell Jobs            $205,000

Among Trump’s billionaire backers, the top five donors are:

Bradley W. Hughes Sr.          $449,000
Richard LeFrak                        $100,000
Thomas Peterffy                     $100,000
Daniel “Andy” Beal               $100,000
Kelcy Warren                            $100,000

Bloomberg notes that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and Home Depot Inc. co-founder Bernard Marcus, wrote op-eds endorsing Trump earlier this year.

Marcus reportedly pledged to give Trump’s campaign $3 million and Adelson is still considering giving Trump $5 million.

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Trump tombstone


The Left really dislikes losing.

At the height of Bush Derangement Syndrome, moviemakers put out Death of a President. That fake 2006 documentary looks “back” in time at the fictional assassination of George W. Bush. It won the International Critics’ Award at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006. This kind of celluloid fantasy helps left-wingers vent their antisocial rage.

More thrifty leftists enjoy putting Republican presidents they hate “on trial,” conducting mock prosecutions accompanied by the kind of kangaroo court verdicts you might expect. The ladies of Code Pink enjoy carrying around effigies and donning costumes. It’s political theater. Sometimes it’s entertaining but not usually.

Now, with Donald Trump poised maybe (and it’s a big maybe) to become president, left-wingers are already dancing on his grave.

Artist Brian Andrew Whiteley has created something called “Trump’s Tombstone,” which has been on exhibit in New York City.

It’s not interesting. It’s not original. There doesn’t seem to be much skill involved in the making of the headstone. It’s plain and boring, even childish. Whiteley could have saved himself some time by going to Custom Tombstone Maker instead.

The grave marker features the name “Donald J. Trump” with a year of birth of 1946 and the epitaph “Made America Hate Again.” No jokes about his hair. No mention of his favorite phrases. Nothing. It could been funny but it’s not. It’s just hateful.

Breitbart News reports:

In a brief interview with the New York Daily News this week, the 33-year-old Whiteley said the tombstone — which was seized and later released by the New York Police Department and led the Secret Service to visit the artist — was intended to make a “pointed statement” about the “hateful” nature of Trump’s campaign.

“I was surprised at how few artists were speaking out about Trump,” Whiteley told the Daily News. “I never worked in the political sphere before. People ask me, ‘How could you do this — you have kids?’ I tell them, ‘I did this because I have kids.’”

The Christopher Stout Gallery will be exhibiting the tombstone. It’s unclear if people will be charged admission.

The gallery describes itself as a “contemporary art gallery showing subversive and difficult work by New York City artists.”

“We delight in serving as a platform for discourse on work that is challenging to authority paradigms, feminist, queer, anti-establishment, hyper-aggressive, mystic, and/or joyously sexual,” the gallery says on its website.

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DHS officials working overtime to swear in citizens before Election Day


Or so media reports claim.

Is the goal to manufacture new voters in time for the upcoming presidential vote?

Fox News reports:

An internal Obama administration email shows immigration officials may be literally working overtime to swear in as many new “citizen voters” as possible before the Nov. 8 presidential election, a powerful lawmaker charged Thursday.

The email, from a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services field office chief and part of a chain of correspondence within the agency, urges the unnamed recipient to swear in as many citizens as possible “due to the election year.”

“The Field Office due to the election year needs to process as many of their N-400 cases as possible between now and FY 2016,” reads the email, which was disclosed to FoxNews.com by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., who chairs the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

“If you have cases in this category or other pending, you are encouraged to take advantage of the OT if you can,” the email continues. “This will be an opportunity to move your pending naturalization cases. If you have not volunteered for OT, please consider and let me know if you are interested.”

Processing citizenship applications so quickly endangers national security, according to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa).

The Department of Homeland Security “seems intent on approving as many naturalization cases as quickly as possible at a time when it should instead be putting on the brakes and reviewing past adjudications, especially in light of this week’s Office of Inspector General report that found USCIS granted U.S. citizenship to at least 858 individuals from ‘special interest’ countries (i.e. countries that are of concern to the national security of the United States) or countries with high rates of immigration fraud, who had final deportation orders under another identity,” Grassley said in a letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Election Day is 42 (and a half) days away.

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Twitter censors self-defense advocate


The unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina brought out once again the fascistic tendencies of Twitter which suspended the account of law professor Glenn Reynolds for daring to urge riot victims on the highway to protect themselves.

As angry rioters were surrounding and threatening passersby in their cars, Reynolds, who blogs under the name Instapundit, gave the commonsense advice that those endangered in their cars should use their cars as weapons. They should “run them down,” he tweeted.

That got Reynolds suspended.

At the same time Twitter routinely takes no action against militant blacks urging violence against white people.

Twitter would prefer that innocent people in Charlotte get slaughtered by racist thugs.

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No coughing breaks allowed Monday

According to the Drudge Report, “[if] presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton slips into a coughing fit or any other medical crisis during Monday’s high-stakes debate, she will have to power through[.]”

This decision comes from the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Presumably if Donald Trump has coughing fits he too will have to power through.

The commission, for what it’s worth, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. On its website it declares

It is not controlled by any political party or outside organization and it does not endorse, support or oppose political candidates or parties. It receives no funding from the government or any political party, political action committee or candidate. The CPD has sponsored general election presidential debates in every election since 1988.

Drudge continues:

“There are no commercial breaks,” a commission source explains. “Period.”

Debate moderator Lester Holt does not have the authority to cut away from the stage during the epic 90-minute showdown. And microphone audio for either of the candidates is not to be manipulated.

Clinton has experienced severe coughing episodes throughout the election year. During a Labor Day campaign stop she suffered a 4-minute choking marathon.

Monday’s throwdown could top out at 100 million viewers, making it the biggest political event in history.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The presidential debate commission settled an early flashpoint when Clinton demanded a step-stool at the podium to add height to her 5’4″ frame. Campaign Chairman John Podesta expressed concern that Hillary would be dwarfed by 6’2″ Trump. The request was quickly rejected. The commission is allowing for a custom-made podium, which will accommodate the difference in stature.

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Obama’s CIA director voted for a Communist Party candidate


In the Obama era, nothing is shocking anymore.

“Who won the Cold War again?” asks Daniel Greenfield at FrontPageMag:

CIA Director John Brennan voted for the Communist Party candidate in the 1976 presidential election.

Brennan told a congressional panel last week that he “froze” while taking a CIA polygraph test four years later when the questioner asked him if he had ever worked with or for a group that was “dedicated to overthrowing the U.S.,” CNN reported.

“This was back in 1980, and I thought back to a previous election where I voted, and I voted for the Communist Party candidate,” Brennan said at a panel discussion regarding diversity in the intelligence community during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual conference.

“If he had admitted to voting for the Nazi Party, he would have been hounded out of everywhere. And rightly so,” argues Greenfield.

“What’s wrong is that voting for a mass murdering totalitarian ideology is just considered a whimsical act of a passionate young man. This is the pernicious double standard that has allowed the left to evade its moral responsibility for the crimes of the left.”

Brennan’s admission ought to automatically disqualify him as CIA director but in the Obama administration he’s just another powerful radical anti-American miscreant.

The candidate he admitted voting for in 1976 was Gus Hall, a four-time presidential candidate for the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).

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A helpful reminder where the “FemiNazi” epithet comes from


I seem to recall that it was Rush Limbaugh who coined the term “feminazi” to describe the most militant of feminists. It was from about two decades ago when feminists, who were especially aggressive on university campuses, openly embraced totalitarianism.

Intellectuals Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon embraced a fascistic form of feminism that sought to dictate how Americans thought and behaved.

MacKinnon, amazingly enough a law professor, injected a virulent poison into criminal law. “I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated,” she is on record as saying.

Dworkin was as original and nutty. “[W]omen live with those who oppress them, sleep with them, have their children — we are tangled, hopelessly it seems, in the gut of the machinery and way of life which is ruinous to us,” she said.

For years it seemed like Dworkin and MacKinnon’s stifling fem-fascism was fading away.

But now it seems to be coming back. CNN talking head Sally Kohn (pictured above), whom no one would mistake for a thoughtful person, is openly embracing outlawing thought with which she disagrees.

This buffoonish in-your-face leftist lesbian said it’s a good thing if conservatives feel unable to express their views for fear of facing hostility from their peers or professors.

“If they feel like they can no longer speak against positive social change, good,” Kohn said.

Yes, she actually said that during a debate at the University of Missouri. Such advocacy is merely an excuse for criticizing multiculturalism and other progressive ideas, she explained.

Think about that — while you still can.

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