World Wildlife Fund: Business is Good

Climate change is happening faster than previously predicted according to a new World Wildlife Fund can help. report.  Do you want to do your part to stop climate change and save the planet?  Then send money to the World Wildlife Fund, because they can help!

Why do people believe this stuff?  The WWF is obviously interested in promoting climate change as a problem because they are raising money to combat it.  Yet people are blind to how self-serving WWF’s tactics are.  In 2006, they took in $162,536,877.00.  That is a lot of money to raise!  Given that the new report states that climate change is an even greater threat than previously thought, it is all the more important that they receive more money this year.

You may recall another recent discussion of the World Wildlife Fund on this blog.  It also highlights just how self-serving the WWF really is.  Ignoring the huge amounts of emissions given off by planes, WWF is organizing a $65,000 trip around the world for its wealthier donors.  Private jet, luxury accommodations, etc.  How will they offset the carbon emissions from this trip?  They don’t say.  They probably don’t care, as long as the money comes in.

The hypocrisy of the World Wildlife Fund is out of control.  They use environmental causes to raise incredible amounts of money that they put into research that confirms that they need more money to keep fighting the good fight.  All this money being pumped into WWF and the like and the only thing coming out are fear mongering climate change reports and global warming alarmist claims.  Why don’t they actually do something to help fix the environment, if that is really what they care about?  Obviously, not doing anything pays better.

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