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Where Are Your NASA Tax Dollars Going?

Under the Obama Administration, the core of America’s space exploration effort — NASA — has been dismantled and its focus shifted to the study of “global warming.” The once-great organization is now overburdened by bureaucracy and political agendas. But while this is happening, Americans are still feeding nearly $20 billion per year into the agency, which begs the question: Where is it all going?

Unfortunately, a lot of NASA’s money has been re-directed to fund junk science. A prime example of this is the 2012, NASA-funded study, “A Minimal Model for Human and Nature Interaction.” The study turned out to be an anti-free market, pro-class warfare publication trying to prove that western society would collapse because of unnamed “elites.” Studies like these — and another titled “Socialism or Extinction” — show just how far NASA has fallen.

William “Matt” Briggs, an adjunct professor of statistical science at Cornell University and author of Breaking the Law of Averages: Real Life Probability and Statistics in Plain English, has debunked studies like the “minimal model” in recent years. Briggs didn’t pull punches when describing the study, stating that “nothing empirical went into these equations,” and the doomsday conclusions “have no applicability whatsoever to humans.”

The truth about NASA’s demise is unsettling. As young children learn about the greatness of men like the astronauts John Glenn and Neil Armstrong, the very organization they championed is crumbling into nothing more than a front for President Obama’s green energy initiatives.

Let’s hope it’s not too late to restore the greatest exploration organization our world has ever known to its rightful place.

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This blog post was adapted from the June edition of Capital Research Center’s “Organization Trends,” by Art Harman.