Union Entitlement

Some union members in Illinois just don’t know what to do after the Illinois-based Republic Windows and Doors closed down.

Says union member Armando Robles, “I do whatever I have to do to support my family.”  So Robles, and others, have decided to stay despite the fact that the factory has closed down and the workers no longer have jobs there.

Although I’m no expert on Mr. Robles situation, it seems to me that Mr. Robles would be much better off FINDING A NEW JOB if he wants to support his family.  Instead, he is sitting around feeling entitled to his old job.  He is pretty clearly NOT doing what he has to do to support his family.

Why don’t people understand that if a company can’t make enough money to keep its doors open, it certainly can’t afford to keep paying its employees?  People don’t have a God-given right to a high-paying job, contrary to what unions teach.