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I was recently on a Vice debate panel about education. If you aren’t familiar with Vice debates, it’s a series of discussions between conservatives and liberals debating hot topics in a controlled environment. The series has gone viral, receiving millions of views. I was chosen for this panel because I am a former public school teacher of 15 years and have been vocal about the leftist takeover and agendas in our educational system.

At one point in the debate, I mentioned that students identifying as trans are a rising trend amongst young people, particularly teens. One of the left-leaning teachers who identifies as trans, surprisingly agreed with me. “You’re seeing trends, and I am too. Last semester when I was teaching, I had a trans kid in every classroom, and I was like, whoa! When I started teaching there was none!”

Rising Trend

Historically, gender dysphoria only affected a small percentage of children, less than 0.01 percent, and almost all the cases were boys. Today, the U.S. has seen an estimated 1,000 percent rise in gender dysphoria over the past decade, and the UK has reported a more than 4,000 percent rise in girls demanding gender “treatments.” And 70 percent of “sex reassignment” surgeries were done on girls. And now this teacher admits to having a trans student in every classroom.

A recent viral clip exposed by Project Veritas echoes the same observation. The assistant superintendent of curriculum for the East Meadow School District was secretly recorded admitting, “After the pandemic, we had an explosion of trans kids!” I saw this rise in trans-identifying students during my tenure as a public school teacher in California. As the leftist teacher in the Vice debate described, I saw it go from one trans student per school to one in every classroom.

What is causing this sudden rise in teens identifying as trans in America? Even if, for argument’s sake, you believe that gender dysphoria should be met with “gender-affirming care” (what I’d call radical hormone treatments and child mutilation), do you want “changing your gender” to be a social contagion amongst our nation’s young people?

This is a serious issue. Gender dysphoric children have been prescribed puberty blockers as young as eight, gender-questioning girls have double mastectomies at 16, and trans teens take body-altering hormones by 14. Everyone should be alarmed that this is becoming a trend considering the lifelong effects of having children make these decisions.

Some blame TikTok for this sudden rise in trans students. It is easy to go viral and receive attention for sharing one’s transition journey. Others may point to left-leaning teachers who purposely separate children from their parents and become self-designated gender-affirming counselors.  While teachers and TikTok are playing their part in this rising trend, we should not dismiss key players working behind the scenes to support and fund this rapidly rising trend of transitioning youth.

Nonprofit Indoctrination

Enter the nonprofit the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, the public charity component of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). A quote from its website gives an idea of the mindset and agenda behind the foundation: “Together, we elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, won the Georgia runoffs and achieved pro-equality majorities in the House and the Senate. Now we’re going to pass the Equality Act through Congress and ensure protections for LGBTQ+ people nationwide.”

Organizations like HRC have been working behind the scenes, fueling the explosion in kids identifying as trans by funding conferences to push this radical ideology. Every year HRC hosts an annual Thrive Conference, where they train 15,000 youth-serving professionals, including teachers and counselors on how to “create safe, inclusive, and welcoming environments for LGBTQ+ youth.”  These training sessions include lesson plans given to teachers nationwide to use in the classroom. Lesson titles for some of their kindergarten–2nd grade lesson plans include “Jacobs New Dress: Understanding Gender Expression”; “They, She, He, Easy as ABC: Understanding Names, Pronouns, and Gender Expression”; “Chimera Butterflies: Non-Binary Animals”; and “I am Jazz: Understanding Transgender Children.”

The practice of training and indoctrinating teachers and those who work with our nation’s youth has long been a strategy of the Left. An ideology doesn’t spread widely by just one person pushing it on another. Far more effective is to have a teacher of a large group as your conduit. To truly change the culture of a nation requires indoctrinating and training large groups of teachers, and thus the multitudes of their students in turn. In this effort, nonprofits like HRC are a crucial component, and not enough light has been shed on their radical agenda-setting work.

But the fruits are all around us. Their product is the destroyed lives of our nation’s children.

Kali Fontanilla

Kali is serving as CRC’s Senior fellow, particularly focusing on topics related to K-12 public education. She has 15 years of experience as a credentialed educator working in public and…
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