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The “Summer of Rage” Is Here

Ryan Mauro on the Glenn Beck Program

Ryan Mauro was on Glenn Beck Program to discuss the violent protests and actions that more than a hundred extremist groups are planning for this summer.

More than a hundred communist/socialist, Islamist extremist, and anarchist groups are coming together under an anti-colonist, revolutionary banner, promising a summer of violence beyond what we’ve experienced in recent years. Some of these extremist groups are behind the anti-Israel campus protests and other disruptive protests off campus. Across the board, they have openly praised the October 7 attacks on Israel and not even trying to hide their support of Hamas.

But their revolutionary objectives go far beyond Israel-Hamas war. In many ways the war is an excuse of convenience. In fact, a few days ago the Escalate Network essentially called for killing members of the New York Times editorial board. And there is a lot of chatter about the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

This summer promises to be . . . interesting.

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Ryan Mauro

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