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Rise of the Eco-Right

Best of CRC 2021

Editor’s Note: For the remainder of 2021, the CRC blog will feature some of the best and most influential work produced by CRC. This is both to review some of the major successes and to give CRC staff a break before we start a new year of investigating the Left and exposing it widely.


The Capital Research Center broke the news on liberal mega-donors secretly bankrolling leading members of the eco-Right, which advocate for carbon taxes and other burdensome regulations to address the supposed problems of anthropogenic climate change.

We are not the “gatekeepers of conservativism.” But as leading experts on the professional environmental movement, we’re all too familiar with the Left’s practiced use of deception and misdirection to camouflage its agenda to the casual glance. We understand that environmentalism—not conservationism—is a creature of the Left, which used it as a political cudgel to reshape America in its own image.

Since 1984 we have been “following the money” from wealthy special interests to wherever it leads, liberal or otherwise. What we found raises questions about self-described “conservative” environmental organizations and their true agenda.

CRC’s Hayden Ludwig reports:

Rise of the Eco-Right, September 7, 2021

A Carbon Tax Will Make for an Even Darker Winter,” December 7, 2021