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Introducing the Professor Watchlist

Tracking tenured campus radicals

There’s a new database students can use to expose professors who use their platform to push their radical left-wing ideas on students.

Illinois-based Turning Point USA has launched The Professor Watchlist to “expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students.”

According to TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk:

Professor Watchlist is intended to expose, document, and organize radical professors across the country who have been engaged in anti-American and leftist behavior in their classes. We believe these professors have a right to say whatever they wish, but we feel a responsibility to students, alumni, and parents to expose the radicalism that has institutionalizes our colleges and universities.

It’s about time.

Paranoid left-winger Rebecca Schuman howls at Slate that the new database is “[a]bjectly terrifying.”

Sounding a little like a direct mail letter writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, Schuman sees Nazis under every bed.

“This list watches over us at a dark turning point, poised to inflame the tinder-dry, gasoline-soaked pitchforks of a mob just stepping into the light.”

A little flowery and very tedious.

Matthew Vadum

The author of Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers (WND Books, 2011), Vadum writes and speaks widely on ACORN and other radical advocacy…
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  • Beth Bilynskyj

    In solidarity with the Notre Dame professors, and as a ND alum, (MA, Philosophy, 1979), please, please, please add my name to your Watch List. I want to also be counted among those who are faithful to Christ and his Kingdom!

  • Summoning the ghosts of McCarthyism and Nazism are you? Your efforts will prove futile as education and enlightenment will extinguish your agenda. I stand in solidarity with those who may end up on your list.

    • AA_Bill

      Good grief, what on earth are you on about.
      Calling out some deranged Marxists espousing white genocide is hardly “McCarthyism and Nazism”, but then again in your world I suspect that that, along with calling for “pigs” to be burnt is perfectly acceptable.
      Please let me know at which “seat of learning” you spew out your bile so that I can ensure that my offspring can avoid you like the plague.

    • Thomas Weiss

      Zeig Heil!!!….

      YOU’RE the Nazi you insipid goon……..

      Welcome to your exposition…..

  • Nutrition prof

    looking forward to be on your list soon!

    • AA_Bill

      You’re not important enough.

      • Nutrition prof

        A girl can always dream😎

        • AA_Bill

          I detect a refreshing streak of self-deprecating humour.
          Not your average one-dimensional, dullard academic with head up one’s own arse then.

  • JosephII

    “Introducing the Professor Watchlist”

    And let’s welcome the Professor Watchlist to Right Wing Watch.

    We’re watching you!

    Right Wing Watch, a project of People For the American Way.

  • FreeAcademics

    Here is a link to over 2200 professors who would like to have their names added to the list. The integrity of the academy depends on academic freedom. You may think this is just information for conservative students, but it is McCarthyism, blacklisting, which was a very dark and regrettable time in our nation and for education.

    • Awaitingtherapture

      The integrity of our academics depends on ferretting out atheists socialist like you and sending you to live in the Middle East.

      • FreeAcademics

        I, and most academics, prefer to live in the US as defined in our constitution, not in a totalitarian state. Your idea did not work so well for the USSR and Nazi Germany. Luckily the US has benefited since WWI and especially during the Nazi era and after WWII (e.g., Einstein). Who will benefit from scientists and other academics leaving the US under policies like the one you propose? Did you know that Tolman, one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century, was fired for refusing to sign a loyalty oath? Lucky for the US that university admins regained their sanity and rehired him. How many Tolmans did we lose because of McCarthy? We will never know. How many have we already lost because of attitudes like yours?

        • Awaitingtherapture

          You are a hypocrite, like most of your left progressive liberal socialists friends..
          Just as right now, the socialist who wish to destroy our country and turn it into a utopia unicorn ranch, are squashing free speech on our college campus’s. You, and they , are only in favor of free speech when it agrees with your socialist state control agenda. Our universities and higher learning centers all started out with the family morals of a righteous Church backed curriculum. Our nation prospered like no other nation that has risen to power on this earth. THEN, after Satan realized at the end of WW II, the forces of evil could not defeat a Godly righteous nation with a traditional family unit at its core. So he began infecting our schools so as to indoctrinate our youth. You and your atheist buddies are the reason for our nations decline. The reason we no longer have a free press to defend us is because the atheist have corrupted all the journalism schools and have been pumping out good little socialist since the 1950’s. Now all we have is a propaganda arm of the DemonRat party. And I know you are aware of the fact the McCarthy was right.
          There were many of your communists friends infecting our government.
          But like a good little socialist, you and the dead free press, hide this information from the general public.
          President Trump, with God’s help, will as I said, ferret out the traitorous bunch of professors infection our schools.

  • ron davison

    Are you also making a list of conservative professors that discriminate against liberal students?
    Of course not.
    so that means you can only be…
    a “Not See”

    • Matthew_Vadum

      We leave the tracking of unicorns to Media Matters.

      • ron davison

        So conservatives never are ruthless when confronted by others with a different viewpoint. Only Liberals do that.
        OK… thanks for enlightening me on the “truth”

        • Awaitingtherapture

          Somebody has to, your teachers sure are not teaching you how to think for yourself.

          • ron davison

            has to… what be ruthless?
            not so take a side and your wrong by definition.
            1st assumption is i am a liberal is 180 degrees off.
            2nd I don’ t need teachers or professors, I can teach myself. Truth matters, conservative agendas at best are orthogonal to the truth. and get worse from there. Mix your own coolaid if you must.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            Has to enlighten you, only liberals are attacking protestors who are Trump supporters. Only liberals are shutting down debate on college campus’s . Only liberals pick and choose what laws they will enforce and accept. You claim you are not a liberal, well you sure are not conservative so that leaves anarchist.

          • ron davison

            No, just someone who seek the truth and does not allow to be blindly intimidated.If only liberals pick and choose what laws they enforce and accept, what about ethic laws, legal need to divest and the promises to divest, yet Trump is doubling down with a new hotel in WDC. Calling BS

          • Awaitingtherapture

            You are the worst kind of liberal, the lying kind. You must be muslim. They are allowed to lie to further Islam.

          • ron davison

            you don’t make any sense.

    • Awaitingtherapture

      Because that list would be so short, it is not needed. Our children should take pepper spray to their classes.

  • ron davison

    So conservatives never are ruthless when confronted by others with a different viewpoint. Only Liberals do that.
    OK thanks for enlightening me on the “truth”

    • Awaitingtherapture

      Duh, which side is shutting down debate on college campus.
      Which side starts all the violence at protests.
      Which side needs their safe space, puppy dogs to pet, and crayons when disagreed with. yeah, thought so.

  • c. willie

    “gasoline-soaked pitchforks”

    Scary indeed.