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Nonprofits Fueling the Illegal Immigration Crisis

A nonprofit is granted tax-exempt status because it serves some function beneficial to society. We want to encourage organizations like these to exist, so we reward them by not charging them taxes. What if a nonprofit is functioning in a way that harms society instead? Should it be allowed to keep its nonprofit status?

Such is the case with the cadre of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofits fueling the illegal immigration crisis in America today. Worse yet, not only are they actively harming the country while being exempt from the taxes most Americans pay, they are often tax-payer funded.

Facilitators of the Crisis

The details of this tragicomedy are almost too ridiculous to believe. Nonprofits and NGOs are not only supporting illegal immigrants with food and shelter when they arrive at the border; they are funding and guiding their migrations from far away in Latin America. We’re talking debit cards, maps, legal counsel, pamphlets to guide them on what to say to Border Patrol agents, etc. These organizations are using tax dollars and tax-exempt status to fund the operation. It’s a mass invasion of America, literally funded by our own tax dollars. Stranger than fiction, indeed.

Let’s start with the American Red Cross. Thanks to a scandalous expose from the Daily Caller, we know that the Red Cross “has guides for U.S.-bound migrants that include a map to the border, resources along the journey and a paper on what to do when encountering the dangers along the journey.” The American Red Cross sits on Federal Emergency Management Agency’s food and shelter program board, which financially supports illegal immigrants to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars while they await court dates. So the Red Cross uses these funds to fuel the immigration crisis while encouraging more illegal immigration, an apparent conflict of interest. If they receive hundreds of millions to support illegal immigration, why wouldn’t they funnel more illegals into the country? And so they do.

Then there are the charities. Todd Bensman is quoted in a Brietbart article outlining the plot:

Catholic Charities, Jewish Family Council, [and] the Lutherans [which] are involved. What they do is they go to the border and take these asylum seekers from [the Department of Homeland Security, DHS]. They’re paid by [DHS] to provide aid. So there’s an incentive to bring in more people.

Catholic Charities USA is just one of a host of NGOs, a network funded by tax dollars and other donors, that funnels and settles illegal immigrants in the country. Of course, the UN also has its tentacles in, brazenly giving out debit cards loaded with hundreds of pesos a month to support the illegals along their march to the border, all while being funded by, you guessed it, U.S. taxpayers. We’re paying for our own demise.

Self-Funded Invasion

Every step of the way, NGOs and nonprofits support and coordinate the invasion. From the time they are given maps on how to get from deep in Central America to the U.S. border to the time they are handed off by the coyotes to the awaiting NGOs who are ready to help them “get on airplanes without documentation, helping them to evade court hearing and helping them to burrow into society and evade any questions from law enforcement,” as Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) explained to Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

When the problem is viewed from this perspective, the enormous difficulty of stopping this madness becomes apparent. Sending busloads of migrants from Texas and Florida to DC seems comically small in light of the NGOs’ work to help resettle them across the country. Indeed, it may help worsen the problem. It’s just another free handout, a paid ticket along the route of paid invasion. Furthermore, House Republicans’ mild attempts at investigating the crisis and their modest demands for increased border security funding also seem pointless.

At the same time, we as a country are paying for the invasion ourselves.

How is this problem going to be solved? The answers aren’t easy, but one thing is for sure. We cannot stop an invasion of illegal immigration while paying for it to continue.

Kali Fontanilla

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