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As Global Warming theory collapses, the ignorant news media resort to censorship and name-calling

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The news media have fostered panic and junk science regarding earth’s climate for longer than you realize. As far back as 1895, the New York Times was repeating dire warnings of climate disaster from scientists. Every few decades, however, the apocalypse that supposedly threatens us shifts: first, global cooling was the danger, then warming, then cooling, and in recent decades the scare is once again warming. Now the problem is also what the media refuse to report, as censorship silences all who keep an open mind on the science involved, rather than mouthing the “consensus.”

They can’t win a fair fight. So they don’t fight fair.

Global Warming theory is collapsing around us. When Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth won the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2007, the current Global Warming pause (some call it a “lull” or “hiatus”) was already nine years old. Even if Warming resumes (or, to put it another way, even if the Ice Age continues to be over), proponents of Warming theory have been discredited, their computer models—the only “proof” of their theories—having crashed and burned.

With so much at stake—wealth for perpetrators of “green energy” like wind and solar; tenure for “green” professors; power for “green” politicians and bureaucrats; credibility for “green” journalists—you might expect them to become desperate, and you would be right. Nowhere is that desperation more obvious than in the news media, which are turning increasingly to name-calling and to simply ignoring the facts that disprove their claims of an approaching, man-made environmental apocalypse.

In this article, we examine three critical elements of news media bias on the Global Warming issue:
■ The current wave of censorship, which attempts to keep legitimate scientific views out of the debate
■ The media’s long record of sensationalism and of promoting junk science, and
■ Their often-hilarious use of doomsday predictions in an attempt to create panic over Warming.

Censorship: Deniers must be banned!
According to a Media Research Center study released on March 6, 2014, that day marked 1,383 days since the Global Warming views of a skeptical scientist had been included in a news report on ABC, and 1,391 days since such views had been included in a news report on CBS. NBC had not included a skeptical (Click here for the entire article)

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