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Pyramid Scheme

Meet the “green” radicals who want to plan your menu

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“Has any attention been paid to farmers’ markets with respect to carbon footprint and sustainability?”

When a taxpayer-funded committee met recently to design the government’s guidelines for nutrition—nutrition!—the committee addressed that concern. As the Obama administration seeks to influence, even control, what we eat, the stuff of satire is now reality.

Meet the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC): 15 career academics hand-selected by the administration to set the government’s official guidelines for healthful eating. The professors of DGAC have a unique view of the world of nutrition, and it has more to do with the “green” movement’s quest for nirvana than food science and common sense.

Their work is the basis for the Food Pyramid, which in turn is used to design the menu in schools and day care, on military bases and other government facilities like prisons, for food stamp beneficiaries, and eventually throughout society.

Committee member Frank Hu of the Harvard School of Public Health has sounded the alarm on “the magnitude of risk associated with very moderate red meat consumption,” and he promotes the idea that, to save ourselves, “we should switch to a plant-based diet.”

Hu’s views, based on inconclusive studies, place him in the minority of food scientists and nutritionists, who generally favor a balanced, higher-protein diet that includes a variety of meats and plant-based foods.

But as a member of DGAC, Hu is one of the most powerful professors in America. He and the other committee members have sweeping authority to shape the way we eat. Regardless of whether you prefer fresh kale or crisp bacon, you may soon be living in the vegetarian utopia of the ivory tower elite, all thanks to a little-known government experiment that is on the verge of going horribly wrong.

Environmentalist force-feeding
The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is a joint venture of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services. It meets every 5 years to set the government’s official nutrition recommendations.

Ideally, DGAC fosters healthful eating. In reality, current members of the committee have little interest in crafting dietary [Click HERE for the rest of the article]

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