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Featured Video: Convention of the States

The Convention of States Project (COS) is aimed at fixing the problems in government many say Washington can’t – or won’t – solve on its own. When America’s founders drafted the U.S. Constitution, they baked in a framework meant to aid future generations in addressing issues unforeseen in the 1790s. The Constitution has two amendment processes, but to date only the Congress-initiated amendment process has been used.

If the Convention of States Project earns the support of two-thirds—or 34—of state legislatures, Congress will be forced to initiate a state-led constitutional convention for the first time in American history. State-selected delegates to this convention would then meet to propose amendments to the Constitution, and these proposed amendments would go to the states for final ratification. And if 38 states choose to ratify such amendments, they become law in the Constitution.

The COS already has the support of 12 state legislatures demanding such things as a balanced budget amendment, the redefinition of certain constitutional clauses so as to limit the power of the federal government, upper limits on taxation, and congressional and Supreme Court term limits.

In his full report on the COS, CRC senior vice president Matthew Vadum has called it an effort to “take back America the constitutional way.”

The COS has added numerous influential and respected conservative voices to the ranks of its supporters, including former Heritage Foundation president and retired senator Jim DeMint, Gov. Greg Abbott (TX), nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin, and others. For our special report and complete list of leaders supporting the Convention of States Project, click here.