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Featured Talk: Matthew Vadum at Restoration Weekend 2017

CRC senior vice president Matthew Vadum speaks on identifying and fighting "the Resistance"

Capital Research Center senior vice president Matthew Vadum was a featured speaker at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Restoration Weekend on November 17, 2017. After the defeat of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton in November 2016, agitators on the far-left worked with elements from the Barack Obama administration to lay the groundwork for a “rolling coup” against President Donald Trump – creating the so-called “Resistance.”

As Vadum said in the speech:

“American democracy was working,” the 44th president [Barack Obama] assured Americans as power was being peacefully transferred from one party to another.

But behind the scenes, Obama was using U.S. government resources to plot against President-Elect Donald Trump. Evidence strongly suggested Obama quietly worked with defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to promote the utterly ridiculous conspiracy theory that Trump colluded with Russia to change the results of the November election.

Watch Matthew Vadum’s full speech here: