ACORN Whistleblowers’ Complaint Available Here

We have obtained a copy of the complaint filed by the ACORN whistleblowers known as the ACORN 8.

The ACORN 8 was founded by expelled ACORN national board members Marcel Reid and Karen Inman. They have asked U.S. attorneys in several states to look into the nearly $1 million embezzlement that the founder’s brother perpetrated on the group and the eight-year-long coverup of that embezzlement.

They also want the authorities to probe the odd business practices of the nation’s leading community-based left-wing activist group. When Reid and Inman asked to look at the documents related to the embezzlement, ACORN said no and eventually forced them out.

The antics of the hyper-aggressive ACORN, which has taken in at least $126.4 million in donations and tax dollars since 1993 yet owes millions of dollars in back taxes, have long cried out for a probe under federal racketeering laws. Now one might actually happen (if the Obama administration wants it to).

The complaint is available here. (PDF)

I wrote about the embezzlement in the American Spectator. I also wrote an in-depth profile of ACORN that appeared in the November issue of Foundation Watch. (Jeremy Lott and I co-wrote a profile of ACORN that focuses on labor issues in the November issue of Labor Watch.)

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Matthew Vadum

The author of Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers (WND Books, 2011), Vadum, former senior vice president at CRC, writes and speaks widely…
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