Memorial Day 2023

Today, we remember and honor America's fallen heroes, who made the ultimate sacrifice to secure the blessings of liberty for us and the peoples of many other lands.

InfluenceWatch Podcast #271: Fix the Court’s Foul-Up

If I could provide just one piece of free advice in public advocacy, it’s this: Don’t openly say you messed up on an on-record call with a reporter—you might as well be bleeding in a tank full of piranhas. But the principal officer of Fix the Court, a liberal organization spun out of the Arabella Advisors “dark money” empire advancing “transparency” changes to the Supreme Court as part of a…

Donors in Hell to Pay

In politics, “[a]long with upscale, educated, hyper-ideological primary voters, the selectorate of each party includes affluent party donors,” according to Michael Lind in his important new book Hell to Pay:…

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