The Global Warming Guys—and “Dark Money”—Behind “Science Moms”

Science Moms is one of the Left’s many pressure groups known for dumping lots of science-y words into ads meant to grift suburban women into voting for Democrats because "Climate change . . . is real." Yet Science Moms, which is supposedly run entirely by women, is really a front for the Potential Energy Coalition, a "pop up" tied to the Windward Fund and Arabella Advisors.

Minneapolis Teachers Union Demonstrates Social Justice Unionism

A teachers union has finally found something worthy of breaching the sanctity of seniority and tenure—"social justices," not improving students’ outcomes. Minneapolis Federation of Teachers members struck against the school district in March, cancelling classes for three weeks. The contract that ended the strike explicitly requires teachers’ racial and ethnic background to be considered in layoff decision.

Capital Research, July/August 2022

In the July/August 2022 issue, organized labor wields enormous power in California, Pierre Omidyar’s political machine is exposed, Scott Walter testifies before a U.S. Senate subcommittee on the political activities…

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