97% of Political Contributions by Employees of Top Foundations Went to Democrats in 2019-20

Progressive philanthropists now regularly admit to politicized charitable contributions. But to our knowledge, no one recently has examined how professional philanthropic elites—those who work at the nation’s largest foundations—spend their personal political dollars. So we looked. Employees of the top 15 foundations contributed about $832,000 during the 2019-20 election cycle. Of that, 96.9% supported Democrats, while just 1.7% supported Republicans.

RE100: Crusaders Against Atomic Energy

Driving quickly to “zero carbon” requires the energy equivalent of a Corvette. The RE100 folks want to get there with a Trabant, an option so unreliable it is unlikely to make the trip at all. Nuclear power is the Corvette of zero-carbon electricity and the only “at scale” carbon-free energy available to a modern industrial economy. RE100’s so-called “renewable” energy options are not scalable. Hydroelectric dams and weather-dependent wind and…

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