Students rat professors out for conservative views


In a scene reminiscent of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in Communist China, students of two professors who expressed conservative opinions at Grand Valley State University in Michigan reported their teachers to the school’s bias response team, The College Fix reports.

The College Fix learned of the incidents, which took place in the Fall 2015 semester, by way of a public records request.

Both academics are guilty of grievous politically incorrect heresies.

One professor said there are only two genders and objected to the use of made-up pronouns like Ze and Zir that have been pushed by cultural Marxists and the various species of kooks that feed off the public teat on the nation’s college campuses.

In the other incident, a professor said he believed children should be raised by a mother and father. After his students told on him, the chairman of that department had a “conversation with the faculty member about the incident.”

This is yet another argument for getting rid of the nation’s universities and starting over from scratch.


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