Lefty PC nonprofit pays people to commit fraud


Call it online retail terrorism.

A charity called DoSomething.org has launched what it calls a “1 star for hate” campaign that pays people to write fake reviews of Halloween costumes on Amazon, Heat Street reports.

The campaign “is giving out $1,500 scholarships for people who spam one-star, copy/pasted reviews on Amazon listings they believe are ‘culturally appropriated.’ The more one star reviews users submit, the greater chance they have of winning the scholarship cash.”

Last year DoSomething targeted a Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair costume it deemed transphobic, prompting people to write reviews like, “Wearing this costume on Halloween but enjoying cisgender privilege the other 364 days of the year is a pretty sh*tty thing to do. Stop selling this costume.”

A couple of retailers gave in to the pressure and stopped selling the costume.

DoSomething is attacking Native American, Saudi, and Mexican “Dia de los Muertos” costumes, encouraging people to mass-produce phony reviews for a new costume each week.

The idiocy never ends.

(graphic appropriated from https://www.dosomething.org/us/campaigns/1-star-hate)

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