Voter fraud is real


The Heritage Foundation provides a helpful pre-election reminder that voter fraud remains a problem in the United States.

“Progressives insist that voter fraud is a myth, a charade meant to justify repressive voting laws,” write Peter Tapsak and Jason Snead.

“The facts, however, tell a different story: Voter fraud is real, and if we ignore it, we leave our ballot boxes open to fraudsters who would rather steal elections than risk losing in a fair and open contest.”

Heritage maintains a database of election fraud convictions. It stands at more than 400 and growing. (Some of the entries overlap with the 54 ACORN-related election fraud convictions I documented in my book, Subversion Inc.)

A new entry in the Heritage database comes from Wisconsin.

Robert Monroe pled “no contest” to 13 counts of voter fraud, making him the most prolific duplicate voter in state history, Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf said.


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