No, Donald Trump didn’t use anti-Semitic imagery


This is how the Left tries to make a smear stick.

More or less the whole mainstream media are accusing Donald Trump of being anti-Semitic because he tweeted a graphic featuring Hillary Clinton’s image overlaid on dollar bills beside a filled-in six-pointed star featuring the phrase “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” After Trump was attacked over the graphic the star was replaced with a circle.

CNN maintains that the star is a Star of David.

Well, actually it is not. The Star of David, which appears on the Israeli flag because it is understood to be a Jewish symbol, is “a hexagram, the compound of two equilateral triangles” and it is translucent, i.e. not filled in.

The opaque six-pointed star or hexagram is closer to a sheriff’s badge.

In any event, nobody can credibly claim Trump is anti-Semitic. He is beloved in Israel. He hasn’t said anything that is anti-Semitic. His daughter married a Jew, became a Jew, and gave birth to Jews and Trump was fine with all of it.

Whether it was smart of Trump’s campaign to use the hexagram in today’s crazy culture is an altogether different question.

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