Anti-donor griping

At, I have a piece responding to gripes from the Left that donor-advised funds actually let donors direct where their money goes.

Why do some folks in the tax-exempt world hold donors in such contempt? Donors, like all us humans, can certainly make mistakes and succumb to narcissism. But in the main, American donors are a generous group who don’t need harsh scrutiny to keep them from crushing the rest of us under the heels of their jackboots.

And yet a recent issue of Chronicle of Philanthropy brings a dire warning:

“The growing trend of using donor-advised funds is symptomatic of a broader trend where needs and desires of donors are put ahead of the needs of communities and causes,” says Aaron Dorfman, executive director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, a watchdog group that monitors grant-making organizations. “This troubles me.”

Read the whole article here.

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