ACORN-SEIU’s Patrick Gaspard to become ambassador

President Obama intends to nominate longtime ACORN-SEIU operative Patrick Gaspard as U.S. ambassador to South Africa, Politico reports.

Gaspard is now executive director of the Democratic National Committee. The Alinskyite thug is a former political director for SEIU 1199 and ACORN New York. (The Obama administration managed to dupe Ben Smith, at the time with Politico, into believing that he had no connection to  ACORN.)

South Africa is already a community organizer’s paradise –poor, mean, race-obsessed, violent, mobocratic– so Gaspard will likely be able to get a lot of golfing done in that leftist utopia.

I just noticed a rare interview with Gaspard captured on video.  In a New York Times video, Gaspard repeats stock phrases (e.g. “it’s abundantly clear”) and worn-out talking points. Perhaps he felt uncomfortable around interviewer Jeff Zeleny.  He shouldn’t have been tense because the Old Gray Lady is the president’s most reliable media cheerleader and stenographer.

But I can see why Gaspard rarely gives interviews. He’s a terrible subject. Boring.

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