Even in bankruptcy, ACORN is still scamming its members

Although ACORN is in the process of being dissolved in bankruptcy court, the notorious group continues to deduct membership dues from the bank account of Kerry Sheldon of Delaware.

The article at FoxNews.com quotes me:

Matthew Vadum, a senior editor with the Capital Research Center, a program that researches non-profit organizations, said historically ACORN has made it difficult for people to quit their memberships.
“People decide they don’t want to be members anymore, but the membership deductions kept going,” he told FoxNews.com.
“The question is if they did it intentionally or if it was an honest mistake,” he added.
Sheldon said that she made contact with the former ACORN employee who set up her membership and has been assured that the withdrawals would be discontinued. She’s now waiting to see whether any withdrawals shows up on her next bank statement.
Former ACORN representatives contacted by FoxNews.com refused to comment.

Gee, I wonder why ACORN isn’t commenting.

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