Notorious ACORN aiding Sestak campaign

Two “new” ACORN groups are busy stirring up trouble in Pennsylvania, I wrote in the Daily Caller.
The two groups are Action United and Pennsylvania Neighborhoods for Social Justice (PNSJ).
On Oct. 20, before a candidates’ debate, Action United loudly protested Republican Senate hopeful Pat Toomey’s support for Social Security reform. The demonstration took place outside Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center before the Toomey-Sestak debate got underway.
Pat Worrell of Action United said Pennsylvanians oppose Toomey’s “reckless” proposal to let taxpayers have greater control over their retirement plans. Worrell was chairwoman of ACORN’s chapter in Chester, Penn.
Inside ACORN sources say PNSJ has been conducting a get-out-the-vote drive exclusively in Democratic strongholds, including public housing facilities.
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